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About Us

Chainsaw Betty and Ashley Stone, both have been customizing their clothes since their teens. Both creators have been interested in meshing different artistic styles together to create something new and different. The pair started Press or Dye in June of 2020 to make a living by creating and to establish a brand.

“We wanted to be able to wake up every morning excited about work and love what we do.

Before starting Press or Dye, Chainsaw Betty ran a barbershop in Nashville, and also cut hair backstage at festivals and events. Ashley Stone was a freelance photographer. She also shot product photography and managed social media for a lifestyle clothing brand and a whiskey brand.

When the pandemic hit, the two lost their jobs. Chainsaw Betty began dying and repurposing T-shirts and selling them through Instagram to make some cash. The side hustle took off. People loved the unique garments and wanted more. Press or Dye was born in July 2020 because of a passion to create and do something they loved. 

“We jumped right in and bought everything we needed to get started.

“We feel that success is measured in happiness and doing what you love,” 

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